Applications for Portable Wheel Load Scales

portable wheel load applications

Police Controls

Mobile Wheel Load Scales are used for the weight enforcement of heavy goods vehicles by police. Portable wheel load scales used by law enforcement are reliable, simple to use, and provide accurate weight measurements. Different configurations are used according to the kind of the traffic inspection:

  • Approved minimum system for checking individual vehicles out of the traffic.
  • Approved system with electronic scales and processing and printing unit for checking a large number of vehicles in a short time.
  • Dynamic system (weighing in motion) for checking 100% of the traffic and selecting the very heavy vehicles only for an additional check on approved static scales.

  • Industry

    Popular with many professional users. Mobile wheel load scales have wide areas of use:

  • For correct brake adjustment in truck garages.
  • For correct weight distribution and for the determination of axle and total weight after mounting of special equipment on a vehicle.
  • For self-control in the transport industry within the framework of the quality insurance. Special trailers may be weighed with "XL" Wheel Load Scales at virtually any site. Mobile Wheel Load Scales are also very suitable for checking the load on the hydraulic supports of crane vehicles and fire engines.
  • In road traffic authorities for the collection of weights for the vehicle documents.
  • In the Test Field of Truck and Tire Manufacturers, and for Customer Complaints.