Wheel Load Strip Sensor WL 400

The New One: Unbelievable light weight and thin design


With the proven HAENNI technology combined with new technical approaches the new strip sensor makes mobile pre-selection easier than before. A standard system weights-in at approximately 80 kg and creates the base for an unbeatable mobility. The wheel load strip sensor WL 400 can also be used in fixed installation for tolling and freight management applications.

WL 400 Wheel Load Scale

Description: Mobile dynamic wheel load scale
Application: Weighing in motion up to 20 km/h of wheel and axle loads of vehicles with pneumatic tires (Low Speed - Weigh In Motion)
Range: 0...20 t
Accuracy: Dynamic ± 3% (at 10 km/h)
Speed: 0.5...20 km/h
Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Dimensions: L=49.055 x W=3.15 x H0.44 (1246x80x11mm)

Additional Information

Data sheet WL 400 / HAENNI Brochure

WL400 dymanic weighing wheel load scale setup

The wheel load strip sensor WL 400 for measuring wheel and axle loads on pneumatic tires while driving up to 12.43 mph (20 km/h).

Because of its light weight, the WL400 wheel load strip sensor is easy to transport and can be used at any time without the need of fixed installation. Measurements are made on firm, level ground using levelling mats to ensure that all wheels of multiple axle systems are on the same level. As an alternative, the sensors may be placed into a recess in the pavement. The depth must be the same as the height of the sensor to ensure that the strip surface is perfectly level to the pavement. Preferably the specially designed mounting frame is used.

Normally, two sensors are used; one for the left and the other for the right track of the vehicle. The sensor size is large enough so that the driver encounters little problems to pass the sensor within the active area. The entire system (2 sensors, position frame, 4 levelling mats) weighs in less than 180 lbs and fits into a trunk of a personal car. There is no display on the sensor. Its signal is sent to the PC via the rugged cable. The further processing, visualization and printout is performed by a personal computer with the software EC 200.